§ 250-17 Injuring or removing shade trees along streets or highways.

No person shall in anywise mutilate, cut down, remove, injure or destroy shade trees planted along public highways, streets or sidewalks without a permit from the Mayor or Board of Trustees, and this shall apply to all hedgerows and ditches lying within the boundaries of said public highway in said Village.

Ladies Village Improvement Society

The Village of East Hampton is noted for its beautiful trees. This is the result of a public-private tree program over a hundred years old. The department of public works partners with the Ladies Village Improvement Society (LVIS) in taking care of trees in public areas of the village including maintaining, removing, and replacing trees. In the event a tree must be removed, the department of public works consults with the LVIS Tree Committee and an independent arborist before tree removal is approved.

Donate a Tree

The Village accepts donations of trees. To donate a tree to the Village, contact the LVIS Tree Committee at 631-324-1220.

Tree Emergency

In an emergency involving a tree, for example, a tree being damaged in a storm, call the Village Police Department.

Tree Protection

The tree protection zone will be inspected by Village Code Enforcement prior to the issuance of a Building Permit to ensure that the Village trees are properly protected.

Tree Protection Zone Information (PDF)