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There are five beaches in the Village of East Hampton, all are owned and operated by the village:

Georgica Beach, Lily Pond Lane (lifeguard, bathroom)
Main Beach, 101 Ocean Avenue (lifeguard, bathroom and snack bar)
Wiborg Beach, Highway Behind the Pond
Egypt Beach, Old Beach Lane
Two Mile Hollow Beach, Two Mile Hollow Road (lifeguard, bathroom)

There are three lifeguard protected beaches: Main Beach Georgica Beach, and Two Mile Hollow Beach. Lifeguards are on duty from 10am to 5pm on days protected beaches are open. No fishing, water craft, or surfboards allowed in designated swimming areas.


The village uses a color flag system to indicate surf and swimming conditions:

White Flag - calm conditions, bathing approved
Blue Flag -
use caution
Red Flag -
No Flag -
no swimming allowed

Beach Schedule

Beaches are open weekends and holidays only starting Memorial Day until the last Saturday in June. Beaches open daily, seven days a week, starting the last Saturday in June through Labor Day. Beaches are open weekends only from Labor Day to September 30.

The office at Main Beach is open from 9 am to 4 pm on weekends starting the second weekend in May and full-time from the last Saturday in June to Labor Day.

Beach Parking Permits

Non-resident permits are sold-out for the 2014 season.

To use village beaches, you must display a valid parking permit on your vehicle from May 15th through September 15th. Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach are the only village beaches where you can pay by the day for parking - $25 per day on weekdays. On weekends and holidays a limited number of 40 daily parking permits will be available. Daily parking permits for both beaches can be purchased at the Main Beach Pavilion (they are not available for sale at Two Mile Hollow beach). Friday is considered a weekday.

Village parking permits are free to residents of the village and cost $375 per vehicle for non-village residents with a valid vehicle registration. Parking permits go on sale the first business day in February. Non-resident permits are limited in number and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Violators may be towed and subject to a mandatory
$150 fine.

Village parking permits are available at Village Hall, open 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday except holidays, and at the office at Main Beach, open 9 am to 4 pm on weekends starting Memorial Day and full-time from the last Saturday in June to Labor Day. Residents must show proof of residency (as per Local Law #1-2007). Both residents and non-residents must provide a valid vehicle registration. Parking permits are non-transferable.

Parking permits are available through the mail. Applicants must send a copy of a valid vehicle registration (please, dept. of motor vehicle registration – not title or insurance ID card), a copy of their drivers license, a telephone number, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Residents must also include the street address and owner of the property as listed on their tax bill. Non-residents must also include a check or money order in the amount of $375 with the telephone number written on it, payable to Village of East Hampton, and a copy of their drivers license. We do not accept foreign checks. Mailing address: Village Hall, 86 Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937. Submissions without all the requirements will be returned, delaying process and possibly affecting ability to obtain a permit while supply lasts.

Town of East Hampton parking permits are not valid at village beaches and village permits are not valid at town beaches. There are no town, county, or state beaches in the Village of East Hampton


Village beaches are among the most renowned and beautiful in the world. Beach users are required to keep the part of the beach they use clean. Litter must be deposited in baskets provided in convenient locations. Violators are subject to substantial fines. Encourage your neighbors on the beach to keep the beach clean.

Beach Driving

A Town of East Hampton permit is required to drive on the beach. Please call the Town Clerk's office at 631-324-4142 for information. No vehicles are permitted on village beaches between 9 am and 6 pm from the second Sunday in May through September 30th. It is the responsibility of the driver to know all restrictions governing beach driving. The village actively patrols beaches and strictly enforces regulations.


Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the beach between 9 am and 6 pm daily from the second Sunday in May through September 30. At all other times during the period from the second Sunday in May to September 30 of each year, dogs MUST be manually restrained on a leash within areas that are within 300 feet of any road end along the beaches. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and keeping them under control. Plastic bags for clean-up are conveniently provided at the entrance to each village beach. The village actively patrols beaches and strictly enforces regulations.

Environmental Protection

The beach and dunes are fragile ecosystems. The village requires the protection of designated bird nesting areas and beach and dune vegetation. Please keep your distance from designated bird nesting areas and do not damage beach grass and vegetation.

Beach Parties

A large assembly permit issued by the village is required for beach parties attended by more than 50 individuals.

Open containers containing alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on East Hampton Village beaches.

Beach Fires

Fires are not allowed on the beach between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

All fires must be contained in a metal container and all wood remains must be removed.

Fires are not allowed within 50 feet of beach grass, vegetation, tents, or fences; not within 100 feet from a building or permanent structure; nor 200 feet of a posted water-bird nesting site.

Firewood is the only fuel allowed for beach fires. Use of construction materials in beach fires is prohibited by law.

Fires must be no larger than two feet in any direction; should not be started in wind greater than 15 miles per hour and should never be left unattended.

Extinguish fires with water not sand. Do not cover fires or burnt wood with sand. Sand does not necessarily extinguish a fire and people could burn their feet. Village law requires that a bucket of water be stationed within 10 feet of any beach fire.

The East Hampton Fire Department sponsors a fireworks show at Main Beach every year on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend starting at dusk. Parking is on a first-come first-serve basis, no parking permit is required and there is no reserved parking. No vehicles are allowed on the beach from Egypt Beach to Georgica Beach inclusive.

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguards are certified by the Suffolk County Department of Health after passing a Suffolk County test. The test is offered in June in East Hampton and applicants must be 16 years of age or older. There is one certification for ocean lifeguards and one for bay and pool lifeguards. A preparatory course is offered at the YMCA RECenter.

There is also a junior lifeguard program offered for 10 to 15 year olds.

For more information call the Pool Director at the YMCA RECenter at (631) 329-6884. Information is also available from the Town of East Hampton Parks Department at (631) 324-6124.

Lifeguard Tournament

The village sponsors a highly entertaining lifeguard tournament at Main Beach every summer for Suffolk County lifeguards. For the date, call the office at Main Beach (631) 324-0074.

Ocean Awareness Program

There is an ocean awareness program offered by lifeguards for the public a number of times throughout the summer at Main Beach. Call the office at Main Beach for dates (631) 324-0074.

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