Friday, Sept. 24th: Time Capsule + Blessing (11am)

Location: Village Hall  | Admission: $0

Join the Mayor, the Board of Trustees, and the village's religious leaders, as we start off our centennial with a blessing for the next hundred years and bury a time capsule to be opened at the village's two-hundred-year celebration of its founding.

Friday, Sept. 24th: Historical Discussion (2pm)

Location: Herrick Park  | Admission: $0

Join Juliana Lester, Hugh King, and friends, as we showcase the Frank Dayton Collection, take audience questions - and and celebrate the founding of the Village of East Hampton. This is the first of many events (free of charge) in Herrick Park - remember to bring your own chair!

Friday, Sept. 24th: Gala + Casino Night (7pm)

Location: Maidstone Club  |  Tickets: $350 

For tickets go to: https://east-hampton-village-foundation-inc.square.site

Make sure you attend a "dress to impress" Roaring Twenties themed Gala and Casino Night at the Maidstone Club. All proceeds will go to the East Hampton Village Foundation, to be earmarked for the new construction of Herrick Park. 

Saturday, Sept. 25th: Children's Fair (9am)

Location: Herrick Park  | Admission: $0

We begin Saturday's celebration with a chance to bring your family and children to the Children's Fair! We will have a Carousel, Slides, and more fun events for your children. 

Saturday, Sept. 25th: Centennial Parade (11am)

Location: Main Street  | Admission: $0

Don't miss the Centennial Parade as we invite many to join us  off This is the first of many events (free of charge) in Herrick Park - remember to bring your own chair!

Saturday, Sept. 25th: Music Festival (2pm)

Location: Herrick Park  | Admission: $0

What many will consider the highlight of the weekend, five top local bands will hold court from 2pm - 9pm in Herrick Park. Grab lunch and dinner from your favorite restaurant and help us celebrate our Centennial. All music bands will be announced on September 1st. 

Sunday, Sept. 26th: Classic Car Show (11am)

Location: Herrick Park  | Admission: $0

Free Admission!!!  To register your vehicle go to: www.northforkcruisers.org

Come view over a hundred classic cars right inside Herrick Park on Sunday morning. Expert judges will be giving out 30 Best In Class Trophies, and join the fun as we will be giving out a Spectator's Award. Judge for yourself as to who deserves your vote. 

Sunday, Sept. 26th: Maidstone vs Bonackers (4pm)

Location: Herrick Park  | Admission: $0

We end the Centennial Weekend's celebrations with the classic "Maidstone vs Bonackers" softball game in Herrick Park! Chief Turza and the Volunteer Fire Department will be BBQ'ing alongside the game and all proceeds will go to the East Hampton Village Fire Department.