Mayor Jerry Larsen

Founded in 1648, the Village of East Hampton was one of America's earliest English settlements. Today, the Village of East Hampton still provides a rich record of the architecture and agricultural way of life in early America. The Village's wide Main Street, the Village Green, Town Pond, South End Burial Ground, and the area around Hook Mill are all remnants of the Village's original seventeenth century design. Remaining historic houses and farmhouses, barns, outbuildings, fences, pastures, windmills, and schools accent what has been called "America's most beautiful village."

The Village of East Hampton is an approximately sixteen square mile parcel of land adorned with ponds, wetlands, large, open public greens, farmland, and woodland. The entire southern border of the Village is one of the world's most beautiful ocean beaches. The wide, white, sandy beach and dunes provide an expansive vista of the Atlantic ocean. The estates and homes along the roads from Main Street to the ocean are among the most impressive and valuable in the country.

The greatest resource in the Village of East Hampton, however, has always been its residents. From the early English settlers to the late nineteenth century landscape painters and founders of East Hampton as a summer resort to the arrival of the rich and famous throughout the 20th century, all have contributed to the reputation of East Hampton as one of America's most famous summer playgrounds.

We have designed this website to be both informative and useful to both Village residents and visitors. We hope you enjoy its utility and convenience. We encourage communication from residents and visitors. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or issues about the Village:

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We invite you to join with us in keeping the Village of East Hampton a beautiful place to live and visit.

Jerry Larsen, East Hampton Village Mayor